Bovogen-MRC合作品牌 世界一流的血清制造商

    Bovogen Biologicals is a division of ANZCO Foods Healthcare, dedicated to the research, development, manufacture and supply of high quality animal serums, purified animal proteins and other specialty biotech products.


   Bovogen Biologicals core products include Foetal Bovine Serum, Newborn Calf Serum, Bovine Serum Albumin and specialty products to include Immunoglobulin, Fibrinogen and Fetuin. Complimentary to meeting the varied needs of our customers, we provide contract lyophilisation and bioprocessing services for biological derived products.



  江苏恩莫阿赛生物技术有限公司作为Bovogen 中国地区授权经销商,我们致力于将高品质的产品引进中国,为客户提供优质的服务。


  服务热线:051982445598 4006962658


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